10 Best Things to Eat at Disneyland

10 Best Things to Eat at Disneyland

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I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years since I started blogging! It’s amazing to think that what I made on a whim in 2012 to share my favorite recipes has grown so much! Recipe Critic now has an amazing team of women dedicated to providing the best content possible. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of our blog, our team went to the happiest place on earth! Here are some of your favorite foods. have to Try it when you visit Disneyland and California Adventure!

In fact, there are so many amazing foods at Disneyland that no post can cover them all. Introducing both classics and hidden gems for a range of Disneyland food that will elevate your next trip! Each of these Disney treats has been individually tested by the team. (I’m glad I can burn calories in the park!) I’ve reserved my personal favorite number 10. Start!

california adventure

The best thing about a trip to Disneyland is that you get to taste the delicious food of both parks! Get your Park Hopper ticket and taste the delicious treats scattered throughout Disney California Adventure!

These are no ordinary chocolate chip cookies. Perfectly soft and chewy in a ridiculously large size! Each deep dish cookie is served in a muffin liner so you don’t lose the delicious butter crumbs! At Pixar Pier, you can also find Jack-Jack’s shortbread cookies and IncrediCookie, a gluten-free snack filled with rich blackberry jam!

2. Chili Con Queso at Cozy Corn Motel SnackCassland

The following list is one of the heartier snacks we tried on California Adventure. This is Chili Cone Queso from Cozy Cone Motel! This snack comes in a cone-shaped bread bowl stuffed with meat chili and shredded cheddar cheese. I’m a fan of chili cheese dogs, french fries and little ones. So getting chili con queso is no easy feat! You can also eat in the coolest places in the park. Cars Land is so much fun and immersive! Other notable things to try at Cozy Cone Motel: PopCone (popcorn-filled cones), bacon mac & cheese cones, and of course – soft ice cream! (the picture below.)

3. Choco Mash Candy Bar, Avengers Campus

This was one of our absolutes. Favorite Discover California Adventure’s new Avengers campus! Choco-Smash is big enough to share with a few friends and family! This Hulk-sized candy bar is made from layers of brownies, nougat, caramel, peanuts and dark chocolate. The combination is absolutely delicious! One bite and you can’t stop. Another masterpiece from the Avengers campus – the giant pretzel! These are two delicious snacks you can eat while chatting with superheroes.

4. Fluffer nut churros, Buena Vista Street

To be honest, all the churros at Disneyland are great, but this Fluffernutter Churro from Buena Vista Street really stood out from the pack! The churros are warm, tender and perfectly spicy as usual. But topped with chocolate chips, marshmallow fluff and a creamy peanut butter drizzle! You can find it at Willie’s Churros at California Adventure. clearly Worth the wait in line!

Disneyland Park

Now we’re off to Disneyland for our favorite snack set! From Star Wars Land to New Orleans Square, here are some of the best foods to try along the way!

5. Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist from Maurice’s Treats, fantasy land

Tucked away in Fantasyland, Maurice’s Treats is one of Disneyland’s best hidden gems. All together Loving Cheddar Garlic Bagel Twist! It tastes like a lover of rice cakes and bagels. It is the best carb with a soft, cheesy taste. Enjoy with our delicious marinara dipping sauce for the best experience! (If you’re looking for a knockout drink, try the Boysen Apple Freeze too!)

6. Bengal Beef Skewers, Adventure Land

Get your protein off the skewers at the Bengal Barbecue before riding the Indiana Jones! We started getting incredibly hungry in the middle of the day and these skewers were a lifesaver. Their beef skewers melt softly in your mouth and are perfectly dipping sauce! The pork belly and bacon asparagus skewers were equally delicious. When you want something quick and hearty, Bengal BBQ is the answer.

7. Corn Dogs in the Red Wagon, main street

Look, Disneyland corndogs may seem overrated, but there’s a reason why everyone is crazy about it! Not only are they deliciously oversized Perfect dough. Each hand-soaked golden brown corn dog is a masterpiece. One bite and you’ll believe it too.

8. Mickey Beignets at Mint Julep Bar, New Orleans Square

For sweet treats, head to the Mint Julep Bar in New Orleans Square for some amazing beignets! We always buy a few before heading out to ride the Haunted Mansion. It’s fried, but light, fluffy and has the most delicious golden crust. I always eat too much in one sitting! A word of caution – you will do You can get powdered sugar anywhere, but it’s worth it. When eating beni, don’t forget the refreshing mint juice!

9. Ronto Wrap by Ronto Roasters, Star Wars: Galaxy Edge

Star Wars Land is honestly one of the coolest places I’ve ever been and the food is just as good! We were all impressed with Ronto Wraps by Ronto Roasters. Flavorful sausage wrapped in hot pita, tangy coleslaw and refreshing yogurt topped with flavor. It has the most amazing taste and has become one of my favorites at Disneyland! They also have a meatless version featuring an impossible sausage for those who want plant-based food!

10. Tiki Juice Bar’s Pineapple Stone Whip, Adventure Land

This is my favorite snack from Disney! No matter how long the line is, I always buy it every time I go. It will cool you down on a hot afternoon in the park and has the most juicy pineapple flavor. Lots of places try to recreate Dole Whips, but none do it better than Disneyland! Their Dole Whip always has the perfect taste and consistency. I’m not sure what it is. It must be the Disney magic. (Here’s my home-made Dole Whip recipe to recreate a bit of that magic at home!)

Next time you go to Disneyland, you must try this Disneyland food! Food is honestly the best part of going to a Disney park and finding hidden gems is all fun! Thank you for being with us over the past 10 years and helping grow Recipe Critic! Let us know your favorite food at Disneyland in the comments!

Updated, written and published by Meja Makan